Tranio Investment Platform is looking to establish online investment platform which will provide mediation, investment and asset management services and supply investment products to high net worth individuals and retail investors through separate accounts, club deals and crowdfunding.
2.6 mln
Visitors per year
Requests per month
80 000
Available listings
4,2 mln Euro
Net Revenue 2018 is an international real estate broker providing its services through the online platform. Tranio provides various services to retail clients and private banks including property search, investment strategy advice, due diligence, tax structuring, bank financing, post sales service and management, permanent residence in Europe and the USA, property sales.

As of Q3 2018, Tranio attracts more than 2.6 million visitors per year on its online brokerage platform and processes more than 1,000 requests each month.

Tranio provides investment management services to single investors and group of investors who seek to invest in European real estate market generally in Germany, Austria, Spain, UK and Greece.

Through its brokerage platform Tranio has a direct access to best market opportunities which provide attractive returns to investors.

Tranio provides full scope of investment services: deal origination, execution and asset management as well as fundraising, debt raising, tax optimization and compliance services.
Investor Type: High Net Worth Individuals
Products: Equity, Mezzanine and Senior Debt
Product Type: Development, Renovations and Value-Add
Asset Classes: Residential, Multy-Family, appartment buildings, condominimums, student housing, mixed-use, retail and logistics.
Geographical Area: Germany, Austria, Spain, UK and Greece
Minimum Investment: from €2 to €20 million
Target Project Size: €10 million to €50 million
Target Returns: 15-20% p.a.
Leverage: up to 80% (incl. mezzanine)

Funds in Place
At the moment Tranio has several request from its existing investors who actively seeks to invest in European real estate.

Investment Process
Deal Sourcing
Tranio's growing data base provides access to various projects that we glad to offer to our partners. We seek to build a strong relationship with professional developers, brokers and investment firms with proven track record and strong capabilities.
Due Diligence
In order to ensure that we deliver best deals to our clients, we perform thorough due diligence. We analyse developer's management profile, previous projects and existing resources. Tranio does preliminary due diligence including checks of title and permits, commercial feasibility and project quality. Full scope due diligence including legal, financial&tax and technical checks is subject to terms agreement and exclusivity.
Investment Memorandum
Development of business plan and determination of investment strategy for the project is performed.
A final investment memorandum is agreed upon which includes a final purchase value based on construction budget and reasonable target returns. Investment package including a joint venture agreement (or other offering document), debt financing, management agreement and other ancilliary documents are agreed.
Tranio does market sounding and present information on the projects to its base of investors including high net worth individuals, family offices, private banks, investment firms. As well we use our online platform and cooperate with local brokers.
Tranio manages negotiations with interested parties and provides access to data room. Interest parties should pass KYC procedures. Execution versions for offering documents are prepared and signed. Investors make capital commitments.
Tranio continuously monitors progress on the development and delivers regular reports to all investors involved in the opportunity throughout the life cycle of the investment.
The average term of the investments is 18-36 months. Investors' initial investments and any profit is returned when the project is sold.
Partner Relationship
Tranio rely on local developers and operators with proven track record who is capable to deliver projects in line with the agreed business plan. The developer will be liable to comply with the approved business plan with penalties if there are delays or cost overruns.

We run and credit and public records, background check on the enties under thier control.

For the productive interaction with developers we make detailed informational requests for corporate, real estate, financial and tax documents including licenses, title surveys, permits, zonning, company structure, financial accounts, project design, construction budgets and programs, technical conditions for infrastructure and access, easements and market studies and other information.

Please send a request and we will contact you to start our partnership.

Tranio team
George Kachmazov
Founder and managing partner
Julia Morozova
Senior Investment Consultant
Helen Milishenkova
Development Consultant
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